Office 365 administration

A better way to SUPPORT your Office 365 user community

Increase admin efficiencies by using a full-featured toolset

Office 365 administration

Improve admin efficiency and distribute support tasks as needed

  1. Bulk-actions performed on multiple users with a single click;
  2. View all user information from a single screen including activities for every workload;
  3. Distribute low-level admin capabilities to regional support teams and help desk engineers.

Office 365 bulk actions


Common Office 365 admin tasks can be performed on groups of selected users from a single command menu.


These bulk-actions enable administrators to finish their account updates in minutes instead of hours and greatly reduce the possibility of human errors due to repetitive tasks.

Drill down to a specific user account and view all corresponding information on a single screen.


Each user card includes tabs to showcase activity information on all Office 365 workloads (Exchange, SharePoint, One Drive, Skype for Business, etc.) All user account updates can be performed quickly and efficiently from this single screen, regardless of the related workload.

Office 365 user activity

Single Screen to View User Activity

Office 365 admin rights

Distributed Admin Rights

Easily assign specific admin capabilities to regional administrators, or help desk engineers, so they can assist with first-line support activities such as password changes.


In addition, user groups can be segmented by business unit, or geographic location, and delegated to specific administrators so they can ONLY monitor and manage their local users.

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