Edition’s Features

Features Standard Pro Enterprise
Designed for Enterprise
Role-Based Access
User Card
Standard Reports
Scheduled Reports
Usage & Metrics Analysis
Professional Reports
On-Event alert
End User audit log
Standard Compliance
Company Baseline Compliance
RBAC Delegation
License Pool
Adoption Campaign
Full License Management
Secure Operator Empowerment
Bulk Actions


Exchange Online Mailbox Access
SharePoint Online

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4ward365?

4ward365 is service that allows you to manage your Office 365 subscriptions more easily. You can generate reports to:

  • Have realtime assets management of Office 365;
  • Save Money optimizing usage of services and licenses;
  • Have a clear picture of audit and security aspects.
  • It offers you management features to perform common activities without Microsoft Powershell.

How does it work?

4ward365 uses a read-only account in order to import and aggregate data. This account is created during signup process where you are asked to enter administrative credentials. 4ward365 will use them to run a set of Powershell scripts to create Readonly user and assign the minimum required level of access. On the first run you will receive an email when Admin user is ready and another email as soon as first import of data it’s completed. Total duration depends on the total number of seats and can vary from few minutes up to 2 hours.

Which browsers are supported?

For security reasons only most modern browsers are supported:

  • Internet Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

How often will data get refreshed?

4ward365 will import data at least once a day. The process is always updated and we aim to have an hourly import very soon with a “Refresh on request” feature.

How admin credentials are gathered and stored?

During the sign-up process, you must supply the Office 365 administrator login, in order to allow the creation of the 4ward365 service accounts within your tenant.
Note: These administrator credentials entered are never stored in 4ward systems.
4ward365 system users do not require Office 365  licensing and are used only during import procedure. They are members of a 4ward365 group with view only permissions on tenant and cannot be used to perform changes in the system.

Does 4ward365 admins have access to O365 customer data?

Senior IT Pro staff can access data in case of support request coming from customer in order to help them to solve problems.


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