Security Compliance Reports in Office 365

New Alert Capabilities
Office 365 Compliance Reports

Security Compliance Reports in Office 365

Security Compliance Reports: new alert capabilities for your Office 365 environment.

The new 4ward365 functions that have been released for the MS-Ignite event in September have helped make security compliance auditing a much easier undertaking. The best-in-class, Office 365 management solution now enables administrators to configure automated alerts that will ONLY be triggered when actual security issues are identified. These alert e-mails will include comprehensive spreadsheets that provide details on the who, when, where, and what, that is related to the security issue.
Additional new security alert features that were recently released in 4ward365 help with the monitoring for malware. The product now provides realtime notification of malware events that are detected in a customer’s tenant. These malware reports are triggered for different types of events that are considered to be malware related. By alerting IT administrators immediately they can quickly research the issue and perform the necessary remediation tasks.
Below an example of Compliance Report available in the 4ward365 solution
Office 365 compliance report

And to help IT administrators control potential security concerns before they become an issue, there were new features added into 4ward365 to help manage calendar permissions and quarantine mobile devices. By empowering IT administrators with simplified methods to plug these potential security holes, and react quickly once an issue is identified, the overall security protection for Office 365 is greatly increased.

Below an example of automated alerts
Office 365 compliance alterts
Curious to enable these new security compliance alert notifications now? If you are already a customer running 4ward365 you can find these options under the ‘Audit’ tab. Otherwise, take advantage of our  free 14-day trial  to  check out  the most  advanced  Office 365 management suite on the market.  
New articles about other updates to 4ward365 are coming soon. Stay tuned!
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