4ward365 is an advanced solution to manage, control, and obtain unique and valuable information on all aspects of Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 could be a large investment for a company.
But how much are you in control of all its aspects?
Are the benefits of the investment fully adopted?
Are you running your services with full safety and compliance?

4ward365 answers to all these needs, and many more


Maximize Office 365 investment benefits by understanding real usage and driving adoption

Run 100+ pre-defined Reports to analyse Office 365 services usage and drive improvements in benefits vs investment.
Limit waste of unused licenses by knowing the exact status of assignment and activations of the purchased licenses.
Identify real usage of each Office 365 service by user, in full detail.

Improve Office 365 management security with advanced user delegation, even in a hybrid environment

Delegate restricted number of actions to operators for an assigned group of users, without giving full admin rights (Role-Based Access).
Assign to each group a limited number and type of licenses (License Pool), delegating license management.
Use a single console to consolidate data and perform actions, both on-premises and cloud, in a Hybrid Environment.
Reduce risk of human errors thanks to embedded guided actions, even performing Bulk Actions. 

Achieve full control by easily access all Office 365 information

Run daily operations via simple and smart GUI console.
Access all information and manage actions for any given user in a single view (User Card).
Receive automated alerts triggered by anomalies or specific events (On-Event Alert).
Obtain information on security status with reports on external accesses, malware, shared resources, etc.
Identify policies’ compliance violations using Full Audit capabilities. 



4ward365 is the most advanced Office 365 Management Suite, and it requires no installations as it can be accessed via web.

It gives customers, in a smart graphical user interface, all the necessary tools in order to:

Understand and drive Office 365 adoption and usage;

Manage Office 365 in an efficient and simple way;

Improve its security and governance;

Achieve full control of what really happens in Office 365.

4ward365 has a modular structure that fits all needs, thanks to its three editions.

Here are the main 4ward365 features:




Designed for Enterprise

All Editions

The suite of tools to manage all Office 365 tenants is provided in a single multi-tenant portal.

No matter what size is your organization, you can manage Office 365 from a single console.

Role-Based Access

All Editions

You can define access to information and/or actions (depending on Editions) based on operators’ role.

Simpify management of your Office 365 licenses and keep everything under control.

Delegation with V-Tenants

All Editions

Create any users subset and assign its management (depending on Editions) to designated operators.

You can segment your users into groups and address them independently.

User Card

All Editions

Comprehensive single collection of all viewable information and management (depending on Editions) for any given user.

The “identity card” of Office 365 user: never search for info in different places anymore.

License Pool

All Editions

Analyze license consumption by users subsets to which a license quota is assigned.

Manage license assignment among several user groups and define exact amount of charge back within your organization.

Audit Activities

[currently in beta]

Analyze user activities in detail to monitor what is going on in your tenants.

Check events by service like OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint or by single user and  export information to make it available offline.



Service Usage & Metrics

All Editions

A full set of 100+ pre-defined reports to cover all of your analytics needs, including reports for Exchange, OneDrive,
 Skype for Business, and more.

Know exactly what happens in your O365 parameters and usage, and plan for optimization.

On-Event Alert & Scheduled Reports

All Editions

Email alerts notification to the service owners when a flagged event is detected.

Forget reacting to events that already happened: you will be alerted just in time on any potential issue.



Full Licenses Management

Pro/Pro+ Editions

Total control of license assignment and modifications. Possibility to limit operator activity to an assigned license quota.

Regardless of number of users or services, you will always be in control of your license deployment.

Secure Operators Empowerment

Pro/Pro+ Editions

Provide any selected level of empowerment to operators (performing actions on users) without giving them admin rights.

Delegate any kind of operation on Office 365 preventing risks of service disruption.

Bulk Actions

Pro/Pro+ Editions

Execute massive action tasks on large number of users with a single command.

Prevent human errors on repetitive tasks: a single command to rule them all.

On-Premises Active Directory / Exchange

Pro+ Edition

Combine on-premises
Active Directory / Exchange information and actions to the cloud ones, enabling full management in a hybrid environment.

Manage on-premises users just like the cloud ones, both on the same console.




4ward365 is service that allows you to manage your Office 365™ subscriptions more easily. You can generate reports to:

  • Have realtime assets management of Office 365™;
  • Save Money optimizing usage of services and licenses;
  • Have a clear picture of audit and security aspects.

It offers you management features to perform common activities without Microsoft Powershell.

For security reasons only most modern browsers are supported:

  • Internet Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
4ward365 uses a read-only account in order to import and aggregate data. This account is created during signup process where you are asked to enter administrative credentials. 4ward365 will use them to run a set of Powershell scripts to create Readonly user and assign the minimum required level of access. On the first run you will receive an email when Admin user is ready and another email as soon as first import of data it’s completed. Total duration depends on the total number of seats and can vary from few minutes up to 2 hours.
4ward365 will import data at least once a day. The process is always updated and we aim to have an hourly import very soon with a “Refresh on request” feature.
During the sign-up process, you must supply the Office 365 administrator login, in order to allow the creation of the 4ward365 service accounts within your tenant.
Note: These administrator credentials entered are never stored in 4ward systems.
4ward365 system users do not require Office 365  licensing and are used only during import procedure. They are members of a 4ward365 group with view only permissions on tenant and cannot be used to perform changes in the system.
Senior IT Pro staff can access data in case of support request coming from customer in order to help them to solve problems.


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